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Been doing some a.m. dawn patrols and finding some fish, but frankly, I'm struggling a bit with this season.   I moved down to Wilmington a year ago in the middle of the summer, and really never figured it out.   Did great in fall, winter, and spring, but summer fishing is stressing me out.   I've never worked the marshes before, but that is definitely high on my priority list to learn.   

A few pics from some recent trips:







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Summertime down here in Gawgia is just endless dog days.  I have never really fished much in the summer because it is just so dang hot.  I sweat so much all my muscles start cramping up, and that ain't fun.   And usually,  all you catch are undersized trout anyway.  Just really not worth it to me.   We usually run to Daufuskie or Hilton Head and eat, or to the beach for a little sun and fun just to keep the boat in shape.   Next Monday night, we will join about another 150 boats anchored (Ulterra'd) in front of the local yachet club to watch their fire works and have a boat pic-a-nic, as Boo Boo use to say.

Some nice fish, by the way!!!!!   Your lil cutie looks like a natural holding her fish!!!!!


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