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Ben, I reckon I can pick them up on Google Earth.

They have been fierce in Townsville Lately Snelly, uncovered loads or unsecured items in the boat is a big target for the Transport Inspectors and the Water Police have been giving the Bay and boat ramps serious attention on safety gear and drink driving recently.

Was down at the coast guard last Sunday at town ramp and had a ball watching the circus. Couldn't believe what some people do with a 20 foot rib and police lights, signs and two guys in blue uniform and they still came into the 6 knot zone at full plane.

At least it took my mind of my trailer problems.


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Nice work Snelly you would have got a good feed out of those Spanyards.

Some nice Goldens to be had down here in Hervey Bay when the weather plays the game,but we've had plenty of wind and now the rain is back.

Got this one for a Japanese client a week or so back some really big Long Tails have been lost by clients in the last week as well.



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