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20lt evinrude G2 prop testing


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Testing out a new setup

1995 hull 20lt

new G2 200 outboard 

I'll update as I learn and discover. 

Motor hours.  .4

prop viper 24pitch

rpm 5900

speed. 54

motor in lowest setting. 

Lotta bow lift as she's a little stern heavy but planed quick, no use of trim tabs, took almost full trim , no slip on hard corner 

40 gal fuel, trolling motor , 2 people totaling 360lb, three batteries

tomorrow raising motor 1,5 inches, going to raker 25



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put a straight edge on the last 24 inches of the hull running parallel to keel or center line. 

The hull is not flat when it has a hook.  It tapers down acting like a trim tab.  There will be 1/8 gap at one point between straight edge and hull surface. 


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I'll keep posting as I'm still playing with setup. 

Tomorriw im gonna run rx4 15x20 just to see what it feels like outa the hole and cruising fuel consumption. 

Pretty sure I'm gonna be near rev limiter.... which is 6300

So far, all test are with 50gal fuel, 3 batteries, trolling motor, 2 180lb people. 

Raker 24 was 6 gal/hr @30mph

thats 225 miles with 10% reserve on one tank

im pretty pleased with that. 

Thanks for all the replies 

keep em coming




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Final update

keep in mind current temp here is 90 degrees

ran rx4 24 pitch today 

felt like while new boat 

full tank Fuel

one person 

less bow rise on plan 3-4 seconds

can plane at 3000rpm

3200rpm @31-32mph @ 5.5gph

lotta surface chop so hard to get steady 

due to conditions, I back out at 5700rpm and 58 mph

she was getting swirly 

prop really pulled her up and out of the water

handles full trim without blowout or excessive rooster

my raker 24 threw a crazy tail 

still some loss of traction on cornering but way better than raker

very happy with this prop.

evinrude says it's made for this motor..... I'll agree 100%

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