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A trip on a classic American Craft


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The weather is still up and down over here and darn hot with high water tempetures but the worst thing is the storms which can be very dangerous out wide.

One of my freinds who works for me owns a 7.2 meter Donzi centre console which I remember being for sale a lot of years ago (about 20 i think)and I remember going past the dealership thinking that was my dream boat with a big 200 Merc on the back. Troys uncle bought that rig back then and it has stayed in the family the whole time and over time he bought it and upgraded from the old style merc to a new optimax 250.

The invite to the reef for a day trip was eagerly accepted and even though perfect conditions were anticipated the water temps were high and fishing was expected to be quite but with speed Troy said we would keep looking and moving.

Here is some of the picutures from the day - we caught so many trevally which we let go it was painful as we fished from 60 feet to 200 feet and they pull hard. We got a few good coral trout, some small and large mouth nanagyui, a good cobia and a few sweet lip and caught a good feed considering it was quiet.

The highlight was watching Troy the skipper fight a big shark on the 80 lb handline with bare hands which is all he ever fishes. We managed to let it go next to the boat and I caught a few shots as it came up.

We travelled or cruised at 40 knots everywhere so it was hang on but it was awesome to get the chance to fish in the dreamboat I used to ride my bike past when I was younger.

I have been promised a overnight trip to some great red spots as soon as the weather cools down and the risk of storms reduces so I am looking forward to that.






















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