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which Garmin to buy

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9 minutes ago, Skinny Running said:

Just sold my Garmin.  Not sure why anyone would want one for inshore in FL.  The maps are terrible so the unit is practically useless.  Doesnt matter which Garmin you get. You are stuck with the same view.

Never again Garmin for me either...the last one I have the maps ***...I would go SimRad and get the Flat Map Tracks....no comparison.

Big Mistake..but, I'm not changing for a while...for where I run, I know the areas pretty well and it will be about $1K + to change...I have other expenses for now and the value of my Garmin will not cover the cost change over..



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8 hours ago, Limitless said:

Yep, forget the garmin and go with something you can use navionics maps with - Simrad or Lowrance

I agree.  If my boat wasn't already rigged with Garmin transducer and power cords, I would have put Simrad in mine. I actually had an HDS7 (on its way to scgator now) that I was buying an extended power cable for when I found a great deal on a larger Garmin. It was just much easier to change head units at that point. 

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