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Repower Recommendation for Lappy


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23 hours ago, PiratesRun said:

1995 Redfisher 18. Currently running a Johnson 115 Oceanrunner and happy with past performance. Looking for your recommendations for a new engine. Thanks.

It really depends how you use the boat. If you just like to cruise and sand bar hop weight isn't really a factor.  If draft is important then I'd look for a light option. These boats were designed around a light 90 degree V4 2 stroke.  Keep in mind, the more weight you add the more tab you'll be using. 

I bet this 18RF will get you to the fishing hole first!! 



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I can hear it now...."No John, I only had a 115 hp engine on the boat when it went air born and sunk at 94 mph!! I really don't see why you insurance guys are always so difficult to deal with!!! I always pay my premiums on time so just pay for the damage so I can get a new boat"  9_9

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