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My 2500 is out of the mold!

Tall Tails

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Big thanks to Skip for providing my daily boat porn as it goes through the build process. We will get to visit on Wednesday. Super excited!! She will be one of the few topless 25's out there. Rhodan on the front, 300 and 2 power poles at the stern. Hope to have it early in August!









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We toured the factory today. What a busy place. Organization is the key and they have it down to a science. Every small part for each boat is on a cart that moves along with the boat as it goes through the line. Many different boats in various stages of the build. I took photos but don't want to spoil the fun for other owners if they too are waiting for the boat of their dreams. Skip sent me these today. When we arrived the motor was already hung on the transom and there were literally 4 or 5 guys rigging everything. The console arrived on a dolly while we were there. By tomorrow it's going to be well on it's way to being completed!




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They were nice enough to run outside between the rain storms yesterday and send me one more set of photos. It will be hitting the road for my dealer today! Once it arrives, the dealer will put my Rhodan on the bow and some rod holders up forward near the fuel inlet. I have these rod holders on my current 22 and find them to be very useful for the anglers that are up front. 

07312017 (5).JPG

07312017 (3).JPG

07312017 (1).JPG

07312017 (4).JPG

07312017 (2).JPG

07312017 (6).JPG

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