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17 hours ago, Ejerome09 said:

Racer, just an saying, meaning not well taken care of.

Gotcha! I would say very on point on that statement.  scag is broken also, it has a cover on it.  All in all still a good buy I think.  I'll know for sure as I am going to have my brother take a look at it.  He lives down there.

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17 hours ago, linesider 159 said:

$500 of gelcoat work and the boat is back up to par, still seems reasonable to me. Its priced accordingly. 

Ill buy a POS as long as its a cheap POS, done it more times than once. 

Agreed. Most people don't treat boats like their own child. It's the norm- and to me a skinned up boat is perfectly acceptable for purchase-- if priced accordingly. Mechanically sound is more important than cosmetically pleasing to me.

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Typical Old Skool Keys fishing boat...

Many of the key's residents and weekender's don't have time to primp and prime a boat...they, as said, run it hard, put it up wet and come back the next week.

Too many other things to do on a keys house and to do when you are done for the day...like drink a few cold ones and watch a sunset.

As long as it starts, runs, and catches feeeessssh...most locals could care less if it's banged up on the bow or is not cosmetically pleasing...

If you are fishing hard and not a local, you don't have time like most of us to wax, shine, and primp a boat...heck, there are even some on this forum who wax and shine trailers for gods sake :) .....now, that's way too much time on your hands if you ask me (LOL).



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