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I remember reading threads on here or THT on sharkhide products on trailers. Remember seeing before and after shots of trailers after the sharkhide was applied. Reason for me asking is I just got a brand new trailer for my 18 hewes and want to treat the trailer before I put it to use. I'm a clean freak and take pride in taking care of my stuff. All those who know sharkhide please chime in and school me on the process of application or any other things ill need for the project. I'm looking on amazon at sharkhide stuff. What do I need just the metal protectant? 

heres a link to "what I think I need"


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Since your trailer is new , the metal is very dirty .

The pores are full of oil .

Take a rag with acetone and wipe the trailer and  it will turn black .

Even though it looks clean .

I would suggest you get 1 lb of polish .

You can make that trailer shine like its chrome if you spend a few hrs and some elbow grease .

The protectant will only take you 15 min to do the whole trailer .

Polish to desired luster .

Wipe with generous amount of acetone .

Wipe on protectant .

Put on your shades .





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Applying Shark Hide is easy. Go to their website and watch the videos. If the trailer is brand new, you can just wash the trailer (watch video), dry it off and apply. If you want the shiny look like The Outlaw’s trailer, you can polish it, clean it per Shark Hide’s instructions (watch video) and then apply the coating.

Before the initial dunking of our trailer, we cleaned it and then applied 3 coats. I like the flat look so we just sealed the mill finish. We even coated the aluminum wheels. I have a buddy that actually ran a scotch bright pad on his trailer then sealed it. That brushed finish looks pretty cool.  

Lots of good info: http://sharkhide.com/index.html

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*** !!!!

ENP is bout the only place I hunt .

You do not have to start with acetone .

Was just saying , if you were to go and wipe it , you wiuld be surprised how dirty the trailer actually is .

I used the SharkHide polish .

Aint cheap , but I think it works better than Flitz .

The most important part is to remove all the polish , with acetone , before you add the protectant .

Acetone is cheap .

Be generous with it .

Enjoy your new trailer !


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48 minutes ago, heweymagoos said:

Ok outlaw you got me confused. I don't understand why I would polish the trailer then remove it with acetone.

Now, I'm confused too. Anyway, I used Shark-Hide metal protectant when I got my trailer in 2013. Still looks brand new. I do reapply about every year. To do a real thorough job, you'll need to use a paint brush on some parts. I did my axles, torsion arms, winch and brake actuator.

The Shark-Hide web-site says to use acetone to clean any metal before applying SH. Still confused about the acetone, polish, acetone, sharkhide???

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The polish is like toothpaste .

Whennyou apply it , everything will turn black .

You need to clean all that paste off of the trailer before you apply the clear protectant .

Anything that is on your trailer when you apply the protectant , will be visable and on there forever .

Wash the trailer , with acetone until your white rag stays white .

If black is still coming off , there is still polish on there .

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