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Fitting a minnkota to a LT20

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Cut a access hole in the anchor compartment.

Grind as much of the underside of the deck where the TM will be installed to provide a rough profile for the backer plate to adhere to.

"THOROUGHLY" wipe the same area down repeatedly with acetone until your rag is clean.

Cut out a 3/16" - 1/4" thick aluminum backer plate.

Such plate will have to have the outer edge (towards the bow) shaped (profiled) so it fits snuggly to the nose of the bow.

Mark out your bolt hole pattern on the deck.

Wedge the backer plate into place or hold it in place while your second hand or buddy drills out 1 bolt hole.

Install the 1 bolt tightly, finish drilling the rest of the holes.

Install each bolt, washer & nut after drilling out 1 hole at a time.

After all holes are drilled out, remove everything.

Profile (grind) the top side of the anchoring plate with 40-80 grit.

Completely clean with acetone, apply 5200, install and torque down.

It is advisable that the backer plate be powder coated.

Use true 316 marine grade stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts.


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