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How to prepare Hogfish and Triple Tail


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Both are exceptional on the plate.  He IS a good friend !

I will offer my favorite Hogfish recipes.. This fish is a Wrasse, not a snapper. It is very light flavored and is best cooked without spices.

You can strip it in small pieces and quick- fry in thin beer batter.. Or

Cook it Franchese: beat an egg and coat the filets. Saute in a skillet with butter.. Flip the filets when tanned and toss in fresh parsley. One minute or two later, squeeze a half a lemon on the filets..  then slide them onto plates.   Please don't over cook.

Let us know how superbly it worked out..



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spread a light coating of mayo on the fillets then sprinkle lightly  with cajun or caribbean spice mix.  In a another bowl, mix 50 / 50 panko bread crumbs and coconut flakes and pour in melted butter until mixture is somewhat moistened. Take panko/coconut mixture and spread generously over fillets and bake at 350 until done and coating is lightly browned.  Squeeze fresh lime juice over cooked fillets.

My favorite...


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