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Solas/rubex prop review


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After a extensive online search for reviews regarding this company, I found little so here it goes.

I have a 99 MA 21' with a 99 Yamaha 150 ocean series II. ( Carbed 2T) when I bought the boat it had a SS 3 blade with no identification and it ventilated badly at high jack plate settings and sharp maneuvers. I was unwilling to fork over 500-600 for a powertech or Mercury, they seem like the go to for flats and bay boats. I ended up with a SS Rubex HR4 19p ($298 shipped with hub).  Exactly what I was looking for as far as grip and high jack plate performance. Excellent hole shot with little to no top end loss 48mph around 5500rpm. This matches the original 3 blade since I can't isolate tide and wind speeds factors. Pretty good considering it's only a 150 off the back, hole shot seems to plane in a little over the length of the boat.

Regarding the Rubex hub, I do carry the 3 blade as a spare. The press in rubber hub has aluminum splines designed to shear in the event of a prop strike to save the rest of the drive train. It's only a matter of when out in the big bend, Crystal River area. 

Thanks for reading if you have any questions let me know.

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