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2005 Latch?


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Gemlux #1263-2 or #2263-2 depending on lock function., 2-1/2" hole size.  Here's a link:


I replaced my starboard latch with a locking version some years ago. Just something to slow them down.

 Bit of a tussle getting the old one out, but otherwise it's straightforward.  Seal it up with LifeCaulk or any good sealant.  

For what it's worth, I just pulled my original out of the drawer if your interested in a "vintage" part that needs some cleaning up.  Won't fit in a Priority Mail box, so it would cost me about $10 to ship UPS.  If you want it, it's yours delivered for $35.  Otherwise Gemlux has plenty of shiny new ones with newer seals !



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