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Advise on trip to Goodland or Chokoloskee

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My experience 6 miles south of Goodland and beyond has been very different than what nicecast stated above this summer. However, we may fish very differently, I'm not sure. We've had many great fishing days within the ENP & just north of the park boundary line. 

I'm not sure what the availability is for lodging on Goodland (maybe nicecast can help you with that) but there are plenty of places you can find in Marco Island if you want to fight the crowds. Everglades City offers a few places to stay. I would recommend Glades Haven for ease of use. There's a restaurant with good food (Oyster House), small store including the only liquor shop down there, live bait & marina on the premises; they give you exact instructions on what markers to follow so you don't wipe out on your way to the fishing grounds. Chokoloskee Island Park & Parkway Motel Marina are lodging options on Chokoloskee island (CIP has a ramp & PW has a hoist to launch boats) but the last 2 people I gave that recommendation to that had never been to Chokoloskee had a terrible time navigating the oyster bars around lower tide and didn't have much fun; 1 of them did severe damage to their lower unit & hull. It's not an easy place to navigate & it's not well marked. I'd recommend you hire one of these guides that fish out of Choko and/or Glades City if you really want to have fun: Brian Sanders, Mike Merritt, Ray Culver, Ron Huston, Ward Michael. You can google any of the places or names I've mentioned above for contact info. 

Fishing is just part of the experience from Goodland south. There's a lot of wildlife to see and cool beaches to explore. I've been going down there for almost 3 decades and learn something new every trip. Have a great time! 

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