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Broken hatch - Replace or is it an easy fix

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I have a 2005 Pathfinder and the center main lid on the front has cracked on both sides at the screws - like totally broke loose.  I am pretty handy but have never used fiberglass, is this an easy job to repair for a do it yourself?

I have no clue but has anyone had to replace a lid from a 2005 22v?



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My port side locker lid cracked at a hinge attachment.  After checking with all the local marine repair shops I took it to a body / glass shop that several recommended.

That started out as a "sure, no problem, easy peasy" deal, and ended up as a "you know, we're not really sure WHAT that is" deal.  They got it back together anyway.  I'm not sure even they know how they did it.

Unless you can fit some type of aluminum or stainless backing plate where it's broken,  I would take it to a professional.

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