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Suggestions For Monthly / Quarterly Contests / Categories


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Just a few ideas for future events to keep things interesting..

I'd suggest, as mentioned previously....quarterly or monthly contests with a theme as you've done herein...but, be a bit more specific..

For example..

1.) Iphone Pics

2.) Short Videos - less than 3 minutes in lenght so people can enjoy

3.) Sunrises on the water or land

4.) Pics that reflect MHP brand - e.g. pics shots including Company Logo

5.) Action Shots - all pics must be an action shot

6.) Fresh Water only - only fresh water fishing pics

7.) Landscape shots of water, mountains, etc..anything outdoors

8.) Best Family shots representing outdoor life

9.) Best Watersports Shots....representing the use of MHP boats in a recreactional setting, e.g. water skiing, etc.

If any one else has ideas....please comment...of course, I do have pics of all the above in my archives...thus my reason for the ideas (LOL).

But, in all seriousness, it would be some things to keep things interesting and more targeted...


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