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Bravo 1 FS


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I've read all the 2300 HPS Prop posts, but its kind of confusing.  

Is anyone running a Mercury Bravo 1 FS stock?  load? numbers?

What about a Rev 4 Stock? load? numbers?

Just FYI, I'm running a Turbo FXP 23 and get 61-62mph @ 5800 rpm with full livewel, coolers, small tackle store and 2 guys.

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Magnum, I know what your are saying when you say confusing. I just wish someone with a 23HPS and 250 SHO would post there numbers and details on the prop. I'd like to get a little more top end speed. Right now, I'm running a 4 blade Yamaha prop and getting 61mph at 6000 RPM.



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I have a 2016 2300 HPS with 250 SHO... first, realize that every boat and motor functions differently. It could be conditions, it could be the person driving it... weight distribution, geographical location, etc. etc. so it's really difficult to find the "best prop" without actually investing the time & money to test them yourself on your particular boat.

That being said... on my boat I did reach 65 mph running a Yamaha HS4 23 pitch. I did that one time, with two guys (nearly 500 lbs) and redfish tournament load. After that day I have never got it again. I did however consistently get 62-63 mph with that prop. Now after a year of use I'm struggling to get anything over 60 mph with the same prop. It's not beat up at all, but i'm sure it's lost it's edge and just doesn't perform like new. Maybe it's the motor not producing the same power as new? I don't know the answer, just telling you my experience. I'll also say with this prop, I never once could get this prop over 5600 rpms. I can trim it to the sky and I'll lose speed before the rpm's will go over 5600. So that tells you something... I hit 65 mph at 5600 rpm. In my mind I feel like if I dropped a pitch and could get to 5900 rpm it would be faster, but ???

From all of my research, the Bravo seems to have good performance numbers for speed on our boat/motor combo. I would be looking for a Bravo FS 22. 

On my previous boat (2013 23 HPS with F300) I tried about 8 different props and got the best performance from a Merc Rev4 23p. It was great for getting up and could turn no prob at full speed with consistent top end around 65mph. My newest boat with 250 SHO would not turn that prop. I'm curious to try a Rev4 22 or 21 and see how it does. 

From what I've been told, the Bravo is a fast prop but will wear out a lot faster than other props and has a tendency to throw a blade. So it may be an amazing prop out of the box, but will slow down on you faster than others. The Rev4 is a beefier prop and maybe heavier and will generally require a pitch lower than other props. So a Bravo you may want a 23, but a Rev4 a 22. 

The 23 HPS and any stepped hull will benefit from getting bow lift where that air can get under the boat and ride up top. So keep that in mind when you're looking at other props, some of them specifically say "bow lift" or "stern lift", etc.

Like I said, it's all a bunch of black magic and there's so many parameters that go into finding the "best prop" for you. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money chasing that dream the best thing you can do is find someone with similar parameters and buy that prop. I'm done chasing the speed demon... there's so many boats out there with 350-400's, etc. 20' Lake & Bays that do 80 mph that there's really no point. 

If I can get 60 mph and cruise around 4mpg i'm happy. 

Good Luck!

Josh B.

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