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Live well pump left running


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Just a matter of time before it gets too hot, swells the head and then possibly the housing. Then you have a leak hooked to a high speed pickup.

Very few marine pumps are designed to run dry for extended periods.


And as said the dead battery killed completely is not good for anything either. Turn your battery switches off at the end of the day every day. Then, no worries.

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6 hours ago, Sunstone said:

It's never run more then 45 min I notice it when I get home.  Flush the motor, turn battery switch off and plug the charger in so never a run down battery.  Just was wondering how long before it would heat up.  


We have all done it......all depends if you get a small piece of grass or stick in the impeller, etc. and they will burn up quickly...the key, as Capt Troy states....TURN OFF ALL 12V WHEN YOU COME OFF THE WATER - PURE AND SIMPLE.  

I have my Power Poles and bubblers on a separate circuit with their own on/off switch and my live well is on the engine.

As soon as the GPS is off, the engine is title up, my wedge in, the battery goes off till I get home...I never leave power on while trailering. 

Again, a run down battery, from either a live well pump or bilge is the death of the battery if it's weak...

Get a routine and stick to it....to many other things to go wrong after you come off the water......like bearings burning up, flats or blow outs....the list goes on and on....


Oh, BTW, this is fun and leisure right (LOL....


But, there is nothing like being on the water, chasing tails....it makes it all worth it.




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