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2014 TRS 2400 WET DECK

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Try flushing the lines out before you disassemble the check valves.  You can use a hose to blow out the line.

It is shocking the crud that winds up holding the check valves open so water can back onto the deck..

My boat is on a trailer.  I tilt the bow up and run a hose in the cockpit. I take my wet vac and pull the water though the lines from the transom side.

I find bugs, mono cutoffs and lizard bodies in the wet vac tank.  After I do this, I do not get any water back to the deck.

Give it a try before you break all those seals below the waterline.


Of course you must be careful !  Use a GFI outlet to the wet vac, and keep your feet & the vac away from the water.



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M-1 is right, everything that settles on the deck gets washed down the floor drains. I force water through mine every time I return to the dock (garden hose). You can also by rubber plugs at most hardware stores to fix the thru-hulls where the water exits the boat. While the boat is on the trailer, plug the thru-hulls and squirt some Dawn dish washing detergent down the floor drains, then agitate with water. Let it sit overnight, put a bucket under the thru-hulls, pull the plugs and force water down the floor drains. Check to see what is in your bucket, you'll be surprised at how much stuff comes out. One of the main culprits that keeps the valves from sealing is mono cut-offs. It has a way of getting caught up in the valves. I never drop mono cut-offs on the floor of my boat.

I've never taken the valves apart, but suspect it's just a rubber flapper that seats in a valve body. They do get dry, brittle and they will warp after a few years. That's when you take them apart and install a new flapper.

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Or attach Raybuds.  I have seen those check valves taken apart.. It's not easy in the bilge, and they clog up again.  I have a full cover on my boat.. I still get leaves, dead lizards, and all kinds of crazy debris into the drains. I use the wet vac to vacuum out the washways of sand that they catch.  Then I pull water thru the drain lines.

I became real careful with mono cutoffs after I found a bunch in the wet vac tank.  I am also careful to keep the extension cord and wet vac on high ground when I apply suction to the rear flapper.  I would not use a Hoover or a carpet vacuum.. Only a wet vac with wet service design.. Use all the protections !!


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On 8/25/2017 at 4:00 PM, SCFD rtrd. said:

I never drop mono cut-offs on the floor of my boat.

I do not fish from my boat (the only Pathfinder owner who does not fish apparently) so I'm not sure what a "mono cut-off" is.  I can tell you that monofilament fishing line can be deadly to wildlife, I'm sure all you guys know this and dispose of it properly, not in the overboard drain.

Here is  a Great Blue Heron we met recently.  Nice...


Take a close look at her lower right leg...


in time, this can tighten and cause amputation of the foot with predictable results as this bird makes its living wading in shallow water to catch fish.

I've met many fellow Pathfinder owners and I know you all have great respect for the great outdoors (or else you would all be bowling or something).  Just a reminder, please be super careful of discarded fishing line.

See you out there.

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