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Hey guys,

I recently bought a Nikon D5000 and a couple of kit lenses. I'm having a lot of fun, and learning a little everytime I take a few photos. I'm just a beginner and I was wondering what are some of the essentials I need. Most of my pictures will be on the boat and a few landscapes. Will filters help and what type.

I took this photo at sunset. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1334694338-St_Johns.JPG[/image]


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Circular polarizar...

Be sure to go with a top name like Hoya...

Don't get the inexpensive ones from Best Buy - rocket fish or something.....

You've got a good lens.....a good filter will run you $75-80 but, worth the money..

I no longer shoot with UV filters to protect the lens...

As one pro told me..if you bang the front of the lens...no thin gl*** is gone help.

B&H or Adorma can offer good filters...


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