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Snuck away from momma early this morning


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Since fishman hadn't reported anything for a while, I thought I might give it a go.  Went at first light for a couple of hours by myself.  Kept 5 trout and a flounder.  Released about 15 just under sized reds, 1 25" red, a couple of 18" triples, ladyfish and pinfish.  Back with momma by 9 am.





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10 hours ago, fishmanjj said:

Awesome JEM !  You had a GREAT morning !,,

I'm up in North Carolina visiting my daughter , son in law and granddaughter......

i did manage to sneak down to the Davidson River this morning for a few hours...caught a few rainbow trout on fly, all small. But....it was fun ! 


Man, you cover all seasons!  I am going to start calling you Mark Sosin!  Now spill the beans.  Did you go to visit your daughter or to fly fish for trout????  Don't lie to us!!!! LOL🐠

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