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From Noaa's reports

Capt. Troy

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I thought maybe this might let a few folks know what they may be in for before they decide to ride this storm out.


I worked as an asset recovery team after Andrew and was at ground zero the morning following the storm. Keep in mind that Andrew was a much smaller storm with Cat 4 winds. Peak winds only were observed in an 11 mile radius.  The 11 mile area was pretty much total devastation. Here is the synopsis of what NOAA reported.

"Hurricanes are notoriously capricious. Andrew was a compact system. A little larger system, or one making landfall just a few nautical miles further to the north, would have been catastrophic for heavily populated, highly commercialized and no less vulnerable areas to the north. That area includes downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne and Fort Lauderdale. Andrew also left the highly vulnerable New Orleans region relatively unscathed."

Something to think about.

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