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Ideas for new fish cleaning stand


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Harvey won the battle with my fish cleaning stand so will need to replace it at some point. I want to keep it relatively simple - don't need any storage but will have power (at least one outlet and an overhead light) and water (at least one hose bib) and will need a roof for shade.



Thinking about Starboard or something similar for a cleaning surface. On the previous stand I had glued a thin sheet of formica to the plywood counter top and while the formica surface held up pretty well, the plywood did begin to disintegrate over time.


Pictures and recommendations would be appreciated!





Harvey Dock.jpg

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I built one for the condo association about 50" X 30". Used Starboard for the table surface and back-splashes. We already had a stainless steel frame, so I didn't have to worry about the frame. I installed an umbrella on one side that is about 8 ft. across. I mounted it to one side to make it easier to reach and deploy. We let the umbrella down when not in use for two reasons, (wind and to let the sunlight kill bacteria in the table).

If I had to build a frame for the table, I think I'd use 3" schedule 80 PVC. You can use something similar a toilet flange to anchor it to the deck.

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