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Rule 700 and strainers


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I love my 2000 model 2200v that is still going strong.   I plan to replace the Marelon valve (going bronze) and while I am there I want to replace the original Rule strainers and 700 pumps. 

Cant find the same pumps or strainers . I am sure others have run into this so sharing for feedback. 

Pics attached. One inlet pump from bottom inlet only. 


Also, can anyone confirm valve size....I believe it is a 1" NPT. Going back bronze marine grade full body Apollo. 



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Your bait pumps are all switch operated. They will operate out of the water, but you'll burn your pump out very quickly. 

Mason, I would suggest that you replace your pumps with pumps that have a replaceable motor. It is so much easier to replace just the motor than to replace the entire pump. Purchase an extra motor and keep it on hand.  

Also, it appears in the pic that your strainer is mounted in the vertical position. This may contribute to "air lock" and prevent your pump from getting a prime. When you replace the strainer, mount it with the glass bowl in the down position if you have room below, or on a 45 degree angle. 

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