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Replacement hatch - 2005 20'V

david Terry

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I've been there / done that on my 2400v........ no fun at all.  JEM had his fixed and they look "brand new"..of course, he is a neat nik and the whole boat is spotless.

My anchor hatch door was not latched one time while towing and it flew open and ripped off at both hinges...luckily it was laying in floor when I got to the boat landing.

I've also had the "self tapping" screws in the center bow hatch door hinges come loose. Never could figure why PF would have two screws self tap directly into fiberglass with all the pounding a hatch takes , strange thing is the other ones are small threaded screws with nuts on them. 

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That is probably a simple glass repair for any decent glass guy. I had two hinges do the same thing. Had a glass guy in KY glass in an aluminum plate to help keep that from happening again. Looks great on the outside. Inside isnt so clean but looks dont matter to the rods that are in there. 

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