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Dog Pics - First Attempt Home Studio


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The stuff all arrived..but, much like my first few trips to Flamingo..I need more practice...

But, it's fun anywayz....nothing in focus...ugggh..dogs moving around, jumping off the ottoman, I can't get them to sit still...uggggh !!!!

Dog's get excited...pee all over me...yep, a fun afternoon....but, it's raining like heck, and I figured, why not ??? Enjoy.... a bit of fun...please...post your dog pics if you like (LOL).


it's not easy....


last but not least..my Yorkie / Silky combo from Colombia...he's not related to any Obama secret Service issues (LOL) :)


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Dino i got an Email from a friend of underwater pics of dogs diving into the pool after a ball. Talk about timing a shot and the expressions are great. If i can figure out how to send them to you i will.

BTW dog pics are great, there are at least 25 around the living room right now.

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