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Is this going to cut into my fishing time?

jason p

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CONGRATULATIONS!   So, let me answer the question this way;

NO.  It will likely increase it.   Yes, there will be periods where you fish less, a few that you don't fish at all, but if you invest your time in your wife and new child, you will find yourself fishing far more.

I have five kids.  Do you know what is my biggest source of stress these days?  Which one of them to take.   The harass me, beg me, push me, force me to take them fishing, even on mornings that I'm so dog tired I just want to sleep in.   I have no more fishing buddies, because I'm not allowed to go with them.  Just ask Nag - I wish he and I could fish more, but noooooooo, my kids would never tolerate that!

Oh, and the pics below only show 4 of my kids, #5 is only 9 months old, but she wakes up EVERY time I leave the house to go fishing and screams her head off, apparently expressing her dissatisfaction with being left in the crib instead of going fishing.   At least, that's my interpretation.





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52 minutes ago, jason p said:


Talk is cheap and congrats.

Keep the little pink lure in your tackle box from now on.

They are known as love lures if you didn't know. Been known to catch 2 at a time. :D

It will be a good excuse to have 2 boats. One for the baby and one for the family.

Best of luck to you.  I was gonna eat my young until they displayed an interest in fishing and washing boats.

When you get worried about becoming grandpa get back with me. I know a guy.


Hope you and mommy have a healthy and great journey through this. It is all that really matters.

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