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2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question


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I have opportunity to buy a 2002 22 foot pathfinder for $18,000.  Dual axel trailer in good shape.  Concern is the motor.  2004 200hp Vmax hpdi with 635 hours.  Checked it out this morning.  Compression good, all 6 cylinders firing great,  little milky fluid in lower unit.  All in all pretty good.  I probably put 40 hours a year on a boat maybe a little more.  I have heard horror stories about these motors.  Any advice?

I was looking for a 4 stroke but this price seems really good.

Thank you!

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If it's a 2004 it should be a small block 2.6L. That's a great engine.  The big block 3.3L engines got a bad name when they first came out.  I would do a full service including VST flush and change all filters.  Run good oil and clean fuel and she will be good to you for a very long time.  2 strokes! I'd much rather add oil then change it! 

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In 04, the VMax 200 was a 2.6L, in 2005, they changed the 200 to the 3.3L. Outside of the 200, the 150-175 has always been a 2.6 and 225-300, always the 3.3.

For the boat/motor in question, it's possible the motor has a production date of 2004, but is in fact a 2005 model. Nicecast hit the nail on the head with the silver "ducktail" on the rear of the cowling.

Regardless of the year, if you move forward, in addition to the maintenance advice given above, I'd pull the injectors and send them to Brucato for cleaning. Believe they're the only ones who test them to their design pressure of 900psi. Many an HPDI has been felled by a clogged or malfunctioning injector.

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That is the  same boat that I run. The hours are not very high to be a problem.  If buying I would do the following in this order.

Service lower unit with a possibility of replacing seals. Milky oil is a sign of water. Do not run other than testing and getting a feel for it.

Replace fuel filters; fuel water seperator, vst filter and metal high pressure filter.

Check low pressure pumps going to the vst tank. Need a pressure gauge with a Schrader valve connection. The Yamaha YES program on the net will help but it has limitations 

Use and enjoy but long term if it acts up look at mystery filters in the high pressure pump and then get the injectors cleaned and calibrated.

If starts cutting out a cylinder check electrical connections and the 6  ignition coils.

Full synthetic oil is the best but a blend will work. No corn juice!!!

They like to be run hard and not puttered around.  I always run wide open back to the landing to  blow out any carbon builup. I have right at 1,000 hrs so you should have many a good time with the boat.

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12 hours ago, TGutt said:

Nicecast. It does not have a silver cap on cowling. It is all dark blue. 

I've never seen a 2.6 liter 200 VMAX HPDI that didn't have the silver fin. If the cowling is all dark blue I believe it is the 3.3 liter.

What does this mean? The larger 3.3 blocks did have some issues in the 2003-2004 timeframe - I believe with oil delivery system - although a motor with 635 hours on it would seem likely to be unaffected by these issues.

Regardless of the block size, I would call Yamaha (866-894-1626) with the serial number of the motor and ask them to look up any warranty history, open recalls, etc. Also, it's always a good idea to have an objective 3rd party authorized Yamaha mechanic go through the motor.

Good luck!

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