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Maverick 18.5 - Price Check


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I have been looking at used Pathfinders for quite some time, but then just came across an unexpected opportunity to purchase an early 2000's Maverick 18.5 (2001 I think) with same year Yamaha 150 VMAX OX 66 and trailer for $16,500.  It's immaculate with only a few cosmetic scratches here and there.  The boat has just under 100 hours and was stored inside a warehouse by a guy who traveled a bunch and simply never used it.  I pulled the trigger on the spot, with zero research, and am having the motor looked at by a mechanic ASAP.  Value wise, I assume this was not a stupid purchase if the motor checks out?  Opinions on price?  This boat was not even on my radar I just couldn't pass it up.

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Tellmewhen - 

You just ticked off about 30% of the forum lurkers out there who have been chasing that unicorn around for awhile.   Most of these, in the condition you are describing go for 18-20K, depending on the equipment.   I know of at least 3 within a couple years of yours that went for over 18 and weren't in as good condition as you describe.

You just bought a legend and when you get her out on a nasty day, you'll realize how lucky you are.  Don't go buying lottery tickets, because you sorta just shot your chance with this one.  You done good.  :)

Now get some pics up, quick, I'm dying here!

Oh, and you can check the year of the hull on the serial number, look for two digits that look like "01" on it.  That would say 2001.  If not, let us know what you see.

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If its as you describe and the motor is good, you got a very good deal. Even if there is some motor trouble, you will still be in the very fair price range if it needs some work. If its been sitting, be sure to change the fluids , impeller, plugs and lube all the points. Maybe get rid of the old gas and oil, depending how long they have been in there. They are great boats and you will enjoy it, post up some pics.

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1 hour ago, TellMeWhen said:

Thanks...I'm working on getting some pics up.  We'll see how things go with the motor.  I'm worried about cost given the total lack of use.

Man...did you screw up....I'll send you $15K via paypal for it...no value :)

Figure you need to do the following:

1.) I would drain the tank to be sure fuel is good

2.) and what Hurricane said above....you'll be good to go...

Congrats on joining the Maverick Cult Club :)

I love my MA17...best decision I ever made....you got it at a fair price...

No matter what you buy...you'll need to invest in a few thousand to get  her right after sitting so long...

Don't forget to check the bearing on the trailer, lights, etc..




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