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21 MA Totalscan Transducer location


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I just got the Simrad GO7 w/Totalscan ($649)... and wow its a big transducer at over 11 inches !

I understand placement is super important for side imaging, and it looks like the foot will interfere with this beast if mounted in the normal location on the transom (no jack plate setback).

Therefore, I'm considering the pocket, next to the drain plug, skimmer style.

To me the pocket should get clean water if skimmer mounted, definitely has better side view without the foot in the picture, and spray wont be an issue there... But i've heard the prop might not like the disturbance - and being lower on the V more likely to get damaged.

So before I drill holes... any thoughts? anyone have one of these behemoths mounted on a 21 yet ?



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I have an 18MA and had the same struggle finding the right spot. On my boat to use the factory mount in the pocket, I would've had to install the xducer so close to the center line, I was worried it might mess up flow to the prop. Also getting that far center, makes it the lowest point of the hull.  I didn't like the idea of transom mount, because the motor would block one side.

Here is what I did. I made a starboard adapter plate, mounted the xducer to that, and then screwed it to the top of the pocket. It works great, no blockage from the motor, I get perfect depth reading at speed. The trick is to find just the right spot inboard or outboard that lets just the right amount of water flow over it. Too much outboard and I think it will run too deep, too much inboard and it might run too shallow.  I also had to shorten the bunk just a bit.




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Put the Totalscan transducer in the pocket, right next to the drain plug - almost flush with the bottom...skimmer style

Works great, no interference on sidescan, no spray,  reads at 40+ and its nicely tucked away in there.(had to lower it about 1/4" from the pic to get readings on plane).

That thing is huge and on the transom would probably poke me in the eye every time I tried to take the plug out - and the other side is a Powerpole rash - ha.



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