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Water High and fish around


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following Irma and then a Sunday evening with 9-12" of rain, the IRL and local 'rivers' are still super high.  Thanks to posting of open ramps.. be extra careful at the ramps.  As the water recedes, north winds blowing and its down maybe a foot, the ramps and wet docks are super slippery.  

Had the chance to get out couple times in last week or so.  different places and too often fighting the winds.  Rivers around 80 degrees, very few instances of algae .. BUT clarity is horrible.  October is my favorite time to sight fish, the Reds are schooling.  I drifted up on a school of overslot fish on Monday in under 2 ft of water.  I didn't see them till they were maybe 3-5 ft from the boat.    Catching lots of trout.. all small to lower end of slot.  I've landed trout that are not much bigger than the finger mullet that are filling the rivers.     So it's a bit different this year... 

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