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Running The Mine Fields of Choko

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Got out on Friday...da feeeeshing is goooddddd !!!!!!

The bait babe Alina at EC bait held me 8 doz shrimp and da pop' n corks and shrimp had da reds a biting.

first stop 5 reds and 1/2 doz snook over by the Chatham....then moved 4 times and NADA...

Waited for the tide to turn and ran down South even further....

Lostman's area had da reds a bitting...look for clean moving water and we stayed them for 45 min (15 or so) with 1/2 in the slot...then had to run home as it was late....over all about 20 reds and 15 snook, nothing in the slot on the snook :(


Yep, as Paul Conocean says...it's a mine field out there....just pay attention..

The scary thing is when the tide gets up.....you can look across the bights and see 100's of the little white birds standing on the water....errrrrrrr....no, each has their own little perch on a downed tree...when you see that in front of you.....time to slow down and pay attention :)

Lots and lots of floating SH*&^%T in the water....pay attention....good news...I did see a park ranger patrolling....


Heading out now....lady feeessssh chunks and live shrimp soon to be a chunking :)





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