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Last Trip Till Thanksgiving

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My buddy from Hawaii came in to fish for two weekends....

Well, the first weekend was great....lots of reds, snook, a few trout...the 10K Gods were good to me.

This past Thursday was a trip from H3ll !!!

NOAA lied - of course - forecast on Wed night was 5-10 for E-NE....yeah right.....we were going to fish the outgoing where at the mouth of the Chatham was supposed to be about 2pm...so, I said, nice day, off the water by 130 or so.....didn't work out as expected and I should have known better...but, we wanted to fish....

We hit the water  at 0730......the wind was blowing straight out East at 10-15...by 0900 it was 15 with a few gusts....and if anyone who knows Choko....knows that means....outgoing tide with an east wind=no water.

We arrived down by the Chatham by 0830-9 as we made a couple of spot and most of the water had already blown out off new Turkey key and the bights were in the process of being empty.

We fished a couple of points - nada - headed over to the mouth of the Chatham at about 1030 and it was "blown out"...low tide about 3 hours earlier...according to the tide chart, we should have had about 2 more feet of water....there was none...

We went into Storter bay and idled around....fished hard...not even a lady or cat.

At 1pm, I headed south to fish some banks for trout...no one home !!!

By 2pm, I called it....and headed back and here's where the adventure begins....

On the way back into the bars of Chokoloskee I found the the S curve channel was barren from water and when I looked across the bars - they were standing 2 feet out of the water...tottally white sand....I said to my buddy - hold on, this one is gone be a bumpy ride.....I trimmed up, tabbed down, stood up, and it was PUCKER TIME.....

after bumping a  few times (Ralph- the skeg did just fine :) ) we made the curve and then ran across the bay....we were throwing a mud trail and dodging the trees...

We arrived to Choko ramp and I looked and said (OMG !!! ) NO WATER TO GET THE BOAT OUT OF THE WATER...

WE COULD NOT EVEN IDLE .....had to come in on the trolling motor and it took a lot of maneuvering to get the boat out of the water....

So, Choko (1)....and Wanaflats fish (zero)...of this week....

Puttting the boat up for the the rest of the month as i have lots of other activities to focus upon....and if the weather is good....we'll take her out again in a couple of weeks.




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3 hours ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Nice to hear the skeg held up .

We willbe launching the Mothership over there mid week , for an extended stay in sum uncharted parts of sumwhere .

We cannot leave the trucks @ Mingo overnight so ... the North end will have to be home for now .

Gonna call you tomorrow !




No worries....call me anytime before 1030....I have meetings afterwards or in the pm.

The run from Choko Island to Lostman's is right at about 30 miles....Rogers - add another 7-8, Harney, another 10-15 (guess)....so, with a few 5 gallon tanks...you should be fine...

You'd need to make arrangements with Choko-Outdoors Resorts to leave the trucks etc. - but, should not be a problem - Choko Island Resort - from what I understand, is still not open.

There is now plenty of ICE in Everglades City and the Marathon has lots of basic supplies and fuel (not sure I'd trust it - they said they pumped the tanks) - for fuel, the Shell Station on 441 and Griffin has Rec 90- beautiful new station....

Enjoy...camping for me is da Holiday Inn :)   When they open one at the mouth of the Rodgers - I'll be reservation #1 :)





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Definitely get permission from Outdoor Resorts to park there for longer than a day trip; they might give you a pass to put in your window. Call their main line to ask. FYI, night time truck break-ins & petty thefts have been common the past month on the island so beware. 

Cip is still closed until further notice. Word has it that parking there will be less accommodating for non-residents when they re-open.  

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