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Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)


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I have an original MA 17 1995 Ezloader trailer...

I have a couple of options..

1.) upgrade the current trailer (I need to add another set of bunks to center the keel when loading).

2.) The Torsion axel is original, but, has been garaged kept and the hubs run ice cold every trip - i push new grease every 2-3 trips.


I figure it will be at least $1K for the upgrades....I want to add a further longer front  trailer extension as well...so I can walk the beam as I launch in shallow water many times....


In any case....what are you guys and gals placing your MA17's on and why?   Photos helpful please.




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HB uses Ramlin. Great trailer. 

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Rolls, especially their axle system. 

Absolutely loved the Ameratrail that fit my 17MA like a glove (same for my current 18HPX Ameratrail). It launched & loaded the boat perfectly every time and I never had to make an adjustment. Customer service was impressive. I’d definitely buy another one. 

A trailer made to 17MA hull specs with welded bunks and torsion axle is my suggestion. Avoid bunk bracket hardware if possible; it all corrodes & looks like crud if you dont stay on top of it. 

You better get that home add-on done for your wife first because good trailers arent cheap ($3-5k)! :D

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1 hour ago, fsusteve said:

If your current trailer works that would be the cheapest option, otherwise what's your budget because you're just gonna get the usual top of the line suggestions. 

Haven't set a budget...but, the EZ loader is still in pretty good shape....I need to add another set of bunks as it's banging the keel almost overtime I load it...it does not center.

The previous owner had an electric winch, and I now see why...when I bought it, it was broken and did not work....

The two adjustable bunks are still in good shape and the torsion axel, is the original (22 years old), but, has no signs of rust as the trailer and boat were garage kept for its entire life until I bought her....

I think for $1K I can add the additional bunks and replace the hardware on the original bunks that are showing "some corrosion"....

The bearings are posilube and run ice cold and I just put on new tires......

I'm just doing some exploring of ideas....if I could get her working good for $1K, which is what I think, then I'd go for it and hold off another year or so....as Paul mentioned, I have a new laundry room to build for the wife...so, this is my # 1 task......but, it's good to know the $$$$ involved in new vs rebuild.

I like to do my major work (re-wire, etc. during the winter months when you have the windy -no fish days), so, I"ll do some pricing out and go from there.

Keep the suggestions going.....good info.



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23 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

What is their price range ?

I believe HB uses them ?




I am not sure about their price range.  The original owner of my Hewes bought the Rolls after seeing another one at the ENP ramp.  Rolls may not win beauty contests but their attention to fit, form and function is spot on.  They build trailers to be absolutely trouble free.  

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Just throwing in .02 but as referenced go by age on the torsions. I suspect the rubber is not good inside and as it weakens the axle looses lift and resiliency. Mine was OEM with the boat in 96 but I noticed it creeping ever closer to the fender and it was at approx 0 degrees and should have been at 22 degrees. Didn't realize it really and it seemed to ride and launch ok. They are replaceable as I ordered one and it bolted on but adds 4-500 to you your budget on repairs. I got 17 years out of it and boat had less than 500 as it was similar barn find. I reckon just the weight of her sitting did it as it sure wasn't abused.  Mine is a Boatmaster and came OEM in 96 before MBG moved to Ameritrail. Not sure how they price out now days but could be an option to check as I suspect they have the specs to do one custom as they built them to fit back then and everything is welded boat specific.


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On 10/30/2017 at 6:57 AM, conocean said:

$1,200 - $1,500 should easily cover cost to add bunks, change bunk hardware & replace axle. Go by the age of the axle, not by the looks of it from the outside. 

Good point...the Axel is 22 years old, like the vessel...but, has almost no rust or corrosion...it was stored inside a garage......you make a good point- however...

I can probably get $500 for the trailer in current shape...then for another $2K + get a " new" trailer...just need to see what makes more sense...

As I spend at least 4 hours per fishing trip on the road...I"m leaning to make sure everything is perfect with the trailer....

I can DIY everything else above as I've done it before...and maybe save the $1K...let's see....

Keep the ideas and suggestions coming....



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On 10/30/2017 at 1:50 PM, geeviam said:

Customer support at Ameratrail is great.  Mark has been very helpful with some custom mods on my trailer.  I highly recommend the swing tongue, since I've been storing my boat in a small garage.

Speaking of Ameratrail, last night I ordered new tail lights for my trailer. I didn't even realize I ordered 2 left lights. Cathy from AT emailed me this morning to confirm my order and check because 2 left side tail lights were odd. She was right and the order was amended to ship today.  As small an act that was, it just shows me they're paying attention. 

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On 11/2/2017 at 5:56 AM, conocean said:

22yr old axle?! It matters not how it was stored or what the outside of the axle looks like. The corrosion process starts inside the axle after dunking it in saltwater one time. You've been verrrry lucky so far IMO. Change it ASAP! 

I'm assuming it's original like everything else.....

I'll research it some more...




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