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Another Console ?


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I have a 2004 2200V, and reenforced the floor.  I used Hobo's suggestion of using two pieces of aluminum angle.

Basically, you cut two pieces of aluminum angle the width of the floor.  You place one angle above the floor and one angle below the floor and bolt them together.  I think I used 1" or 1 1/4" angle.  They are placed just in front of the gas tank inspection plate.

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18 hours ago, plainsman5 said:


i did just that but there’s still a substantial swag where the batteries sit. 



that sounds exactly what I need to do. I assume the console floor is sandwiched between the two pieces of angled aluminum?


thank you both for your responses

Wonder if there is a difference from 04 to 07, I had no issues with it. I did have batteries set apart, one far left and one far right if I remember.

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