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I do not think that is a great location for battries due to the amount of bounce. The battery boxes will need to be heavy duty. The floor of the box may need to be stiffened up. If you have lead acid battries plan on spending extra time cleaning the tops of the battries just form around the caps. 

The guy I bought my pathfinder from took the easy approach when he installed the trolling motor. He placed three battries and a huge carger in the bow hatch. In less than two years when I bought the boat the battery boxes were busted. The battries were moving around, it was a mess . 

I am sure the battries could be mounted up there proper. I would over engineer the mounting box for start. I just don't like the idea of the weight up there nor the constant up and down the battries have to endure in the bow. 

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On 11/9/2017 at 8:23 AM, VsteveV said:

For my winter project this year I want to re locate the tm batteries to the large bow hatch. Is there anyone that has done this that can share info? 07 18rf

I'm not sure on the 18RF, but on the 18 MA's here what came from the factory. They fit nice and they're out of the way. I don't see why you couldn't do this on the RF unless a cross stringer or something would inhibit the depth needed for a drop in, below deck box. Weekend W has a good point though. Make sure that it's done right as the box takes the most pounding. 

Here's the box on the 2003 18 MA I had. Side note if you do this though. There was no drain hole in battery box. If water ever got in that compartment it would get down in the bottom and sit against the batteries which I didn't like at all. You can put a drain in the bottom that would just drain into the bilge or you would have to make the lid water tight. The MA's didn't  have a good lid for the drop in box IMO. I replaced all the bulb seals on all my main hatches which was great. Good luck and post pics. 

There was another guy on here who custom built a really nice bow drop in box you may want to search for that thread. I think it was to replace an existing MA.



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