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Is anyone using the Humminbird 360 imaging?


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Thinking about upgrading to Humminbird at the bow and going with the 360 imaging.  Would also like to do side view.  Looking at options on how to mount transducers.  I'd like to integrate the 360 on my Ulterra-iPilot but it looks to be difficult.  Apparently mounting any ducer with the Riptide Ulterra is a challenge.  Thought that it may be possible to go with the 360 and then just run the 360 ducer off of the transom with the SV ducer.  Then I could network off of another Hbird at the helm.  Not the option I wanted as I didn't want to have to purchase two finder units but this looks to be the best option at this time short of finding a way to mount a ducer at the bow.  

Is anyone else running this setup?  How have you mounted the 360 transducer?


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