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New HewesOwner in Australia


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Well it didn't arrive in time for the Hinchinbrook Tournament unfornately but my best mate Ramcon finally had his Hewes 18 Redfisher arrive in Brisbane where he picked it up and towed it home to Townsville.

Eager for a test run, he picked up Brett (Bulldog) and myself after a few mods for a session on Saturday up the Channel and a quick troll session on Sunday morning out at the jetty as the weather dropped off.

We weren't really worried about fish but getting used to the boat and I was super keen to ride in a 18 RF having now had my 16RF for 7 years.

Photo 1 & 2 - I am sure some of you guys know this rig from its original owner and home. Ramcon added a Min Kota Auto Pilot and a 10.4 inch Hummingbird with side and down imaging to the existing Lowrance which runs the trancuder through the hull. He upgraded the battery charging system to conect to our power and had a new dual axle Amertarail trailer built to Australia's strict trailer rules which insist on it being under 2.5 meters wide.



Photo 3 - Now Ramcon being a South Sydney Rabbitos fan (rare up this way) for Rugby League saw me and Bulldog talk about a special suprise for him on the boats first venture out. At the ramp we both changed into his arch enemy rugby league team the Bulldogs (Canterbury Bankstown)football gernsy's which when he returned from the shop after getting a bag of ice he saw these two guys with the mighty blue and white - we'll the skipper put on a performance and we thought we were going to be land bound but he needed us to help push the boat off the trailer as it had been on there solid for about 8 weeks over thousands of miles travel. Of course we made him take a picture of us two Bulldogs supporters next to his new boat just to rub it in a bit more.


Photo 4 - Now the pressure is on when you have a new boat to catch the first Barra - Guess what it was Bulldog in that gernsy to catch the first fish in Australia in that Rabbit Boat which will now live in history and be bought up at every tournament, BBQ, mates get together, over every couple of beers at the local pub and heck when ever me and Bulldog get a chance to rub it in.

It cuts deep believe me.


Photo 5 - The new Skippers first Barra after heaps of encouragement from us two about being a big fat zero for the day came as a relief about 3.00 pm on day 1 - after myself and Bulldog had landed a heap more - It was a long day and payback for all them days that Bulldog and I are usually skipper for him, electric motor controler, guide, beer hander outta, fish unhooker etc. Payback is great.


Phot 6 & 7 - Day 2 trolling along the jetty saw a couple of hook ups which led to the new skipper losing the fish - why because he did and we had to blame someone. Nice day and a few mackeral were around - ther was still work being done on the jetty to fix it up after last years cyclone but we were there just to have a look and for Ramcon to get used to the boat.



Photo 8 - Well this is just to embarras him some more until he posts some real pictures in the future. The new skipper put us on the fish after losing some big running depth divers and we fianlly boated one which ended up being a Grinner.


Nothing to brag about on this trip but hey with Mates like us you have to man up and cop it until you can produce better.

Welcome to Team Hewes Ramcon you are going to love it like I have for years after being introduced to the best boat in the world by another best mate who owns a Bonefisher.

Late News: - Rumour has it the boat is at the Fibregl***ers getting a esky fibregl***ed into one of the hatches (for our hot weather over here) and is getting a new paint job and gel coat - It will be Hewes "Rabbitho" Red when it comes back at the end of this week. Looking forward to posting some new photos of its transition from Ice Blue to Rabbitho Red - will look sweet.











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Interesting you say it was built for Aussie Specs, I can already see two defects. Tow hitch and break away steel rope. Tow hitch cant be pressed steel here in Australia and you cant have steel rope as break away, needs to be steel chain. It all depends who you get at transport on the day.

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This is what I had to do to my tow hitch to get it registered here in Queensland Australia, cast steel tow hitch. also weld 2x10mm chains onto the draw bar for break away. we cant use hooks on our break away, needs to be D-shackles. I had to ensure the trailer is no wider than 2500, modified the axels on my 21RF trailer. Its with in 2500 now, well 20mm over :-)

It all depends who you get at Transport on the day when you go to register the Imported trailers, some people know their stuff and pick them to pieces, others dont and wont care about the USA trailers. on road side checks they will soon catch up to everyone, I would prefer my USA tow hitch as now every time I reverse I need to get out of the car and flick a chock over to stop the hydraulic ram from going back.


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Hey Grubby,

Yes when it first arrived I thought Ramcon would have trouble with the hitch and cables which I thought were not legal in Queensland.

But he had to put it over the pits and they p***ed it and just registered it straight up.

His was under the 2.5 meter wide as requested but I have heard of some being delivered and being over even after they knew the Australia Rules.

I have an Australia trailer and have always wished for an american one specific to my boat but wonder if it is worth the trouble importing.

Like you say when the scalies are on the pad at Rollinstone it will be interesting. Ronnie towed my boat up to Nuggets shop to get the sounder on and they were there and went over it with tape measures etc. The full inspection and couldn't get me for anything wrong so was happy with that.

Parkesy has the same hitch and hooks on the Bonefisher same as Ramcon on his trailer and never been pinched and he has been towing it all around the north for 15 years.

They are getting more fierce and have stepped up the revenue raising so they are on the pads more and more - I am happy to know mine is 100 % right like yours.

DId you see the new law that you must have a fluro flag on your prop if it sticks out more than 1.5 meters from the end of your trailer - (a lot are like this when you put the motor up in travel mode - worth a messure) and the other is no loose items in the boat (esky's, knifes or rods in a holder etc) that don't have a tie down that meets 20 kilos of "upward pressure" not downward like most people think.

They are making it tougher to go fishing just to get to the water but the Hewes has everything in compartments so is good just don't leave your pliers or knives in the console rod holders when you get back to the ramp.

For anyone overseas reading this and think our laws are tough - I attended a truck accident the other day that closed the highway for 6 hours when a after market bait board came out of the back of the holders it was in and the truck had it fly into the widscreen where he rolled the truck and spread 42 tonnes of materials over the highway. He wasn't injured just rattled and the boat just drove off into the distance unaware.

This is why they are now enforcing boat covers - any loose items not tied down equals $150 on the spot fine and they are catching plenty.


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Thats it, you can strike it lucky with transport and get away with it when trying to register it. But there is always the issue of the road side scalies like you said.

I p***ed them at rollingstone the other day. tire to tire on mine is 2510, id be very unlucky i think, BUT upright guide-upright guide is 2900, I need to modify them to bring them in, I get scared p***ing trucks on Lucinda road.

Dont have an issue with loose objects with all the storage. Id cry if I had to put a net over the hewes...

Yeah had a mate get an "aussie spec" trailer and its over 2500.

I think I would be right with the 1.5m behind the trailer, I will check when I get home.. seen some anglers use leds on the engine when traveling on the roads at night, good idea i reckon.

We need to have that Hewes day soon

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You boys are reading a little too much into this trailer deal, we have imported a handful of Ameratrail trailers now, built with the 2.5 metre problem in mind. A couple of chains and you're fine!

I found a Queensland Government Dental Care trailer at my kids school the other day and it had a pressed steel hitch, so if it's good enough for them it's good for me!

Dave Bradley

MBC Queensland, Australia

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