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Those of you fishing Flamingo be cautious on the roadway inside the park. There is a long stretch of it that is being prepared for surfacing and it's rough and bare. It is the north bound lane heading out. It shredded my rear tires taking chunks out of them. I was doing the 55 mph as posted by the park and did not feel or suspect anything was occurring. When I washed the truck from yesterday's trip I noticed the damage. The tires on my Ram only have 1100 miles on them since I bought the truck at the end of September. I took it to the dealership who would not cover  it but Goodyear came thru and gave the dealer an authorization number and covered both tired plus labor to replace. If not it would have been $325+ to replace. Lucky for me it was a new truck and tires.  But for those with older tires beware it might cost ya.

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