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Lowrance Gen3 iPad interface ? Anyone using?


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3 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

How do you like the unit?  What size?



Love it.  side scan is great, love the tide charts, not in love with the base mapping.  Touch screen + buttons is really nice.  I have the 7 and it is plenty big.  On a ram mount I can swivel it and see it from the front of the boat, just remember to flip your right/left side scan if you do that.  I find Lowrances navigation pretty simpke and intuitive.  


Having said all of that, the Elite TI version with side scan and the integrated single transducer is probably just as good for what I use mine for.  It is also about half the price.  Had it come out a year earlier I would probably have that.  


Here are some pretty compelling side scan pics to sell you on the value of that option:




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If you have a tower, this is the perfect option for having a removable iPad mount up top. Or even if you want to view your map when you're on the bow... I was thinking of getting a flexible iPad mount and attaching it to the head of my trolling motor so I can see my map when i'm fishing up front without going back & forth to the center console.


Josh B.

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