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Replacement GPS Found


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5a1adbbf0bb02_gpsscreen.JPG.3ae3abffe6c05c05cb2a16e6d43ce9d2.JPGFinally found a Garmin 2006c to replace the one on the boat where the screen went out. Found it on Ebay. Had a few but looked like s------. This one looked the best and had a 14 day money back warranty from seller where the others did not, only $299. Arrived yesterday and installed with my old nav card, just plugged it in. works great. screen is crystal clear when on but shows a lot of scratches when off. do not know how a screen can get that way when unit is button controlled and not a touch screen unit. anyway I lucked out !!!!!!!! :) fin

if anyone can explain a way to remove scratches, please tell.


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