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Not mine,

Skeptical yes..... but really!! $6,500? No hours listed or year. 

I say the year is around 1998 with ???hrs on motor. It looks like that's not the OEM switch panel? May have been re-wired. Trolling motor, power pole & trailer included. I'm sure he would take $6,000 or less if you were in front of him. 

Looks similar to that one in CT with bottom paint for $8,500. 


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5 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

thinking scam for high sense of urgency, or bucket O issues for the gas tank.   But if he really needs to sell, maybe a deal could be made and a refurb done.  Break out another thousand!

Scammers aren't going to try to scam someone and say the boat has a bad gas tank. That's counterintuitive 

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