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Reds on Fire - Flamingo - Shark River Area

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With 0900 negative low tide in Choko...Capt DonH and I decided to make a run to Flamingo to run the skiff and see the sights after the hurricane.


Lots of down trees and shredded mangroves

On the coast near the Shark - it was dead at least 1/4 mile in and maybe more....

Park - operating, rangers there, campers doing their thing....life is coming back...

We did the ritual: (1) stop a Don's bait on US1 to get shrimp and a few pin fish...he has really upgraded the store with all the toys a fisherman wants...yetti stuff, lots of reels, tackle etc.

(2) then on to Dion's chicken where we got lunch





From there we put in the skiff....ran 30 + miles and found this guy and 9 of his friends....






Then last stop.......and the day is complete.....



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