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Fishing in Key Largo in December


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16 hours ago, briarcreek said:

pathfinder 2200 TRS

What type of plotter do you have?  If you can get a FMT chip...could save you a lower unit or grounding on the bayside...

The routes to Flamingo are well know...google: Key Largo to Flamingo and something usually comes up...

For regular fishing....

1.) Troll out front on a calm day the patch reefs for grouper/snapper with large plugs (again- google how to)

2.) Anchor in 30-60 feet and chum (I mean at least 6 -12 cases) of chum and you'll bring up a fun day....hang two bags off and change every 30 min...bring oats - google - how to yellowtail using oats.

3.) if it really goes flat...go offshore and troll plugs for kings and macks....or flat line for sails or other moving predators....

4.) Get tube lures and wire....site cast to barracuda on the reef....Google: Tube lures barracuda.

Have fun.....




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