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FS: Nikon D60 with 35mm F1.8


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Will also post in FS section.

Selling my backup camera Nikon D60 with two batteries, power, 8GB SD card and a Nikon 35mm F1.8 prime camera lense..

Great lense....

Total package $600 OBO...

Lense value $200, give you a D60 @ $400 plus battery and SD card = $100 value free...

Will also throw in a case - value $50.

With this 1.8 you can shoot in low light..

Add a 18-105mm Nikon (you can get these on Adorma or BH Photo for about $400 or so used/refu) and you have the perfect combo for fishing and boating / family pics.

Will get the number of acutations from the camera over the weekend...

Paypal plus 5% buyer pays shippiing..

contact: dino.cardelli@gmail.com


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