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Pathfinder 2000V Draft


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you can probably draft in12-14"; however, you won't be moving....

Basically, you need about 18-24" to run a trolling motor....and that should be your draft limit.

I fish Choko all the time in my MA17 and it drafts about the same as the Pathfinder and I treat my draft about the same..only difference is it's about 1.5K lbs lighter and if I get in trouble, I can push it off.

Without a JP - you need about 24-30" to jump up on plane....




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My '05 with a F150 will float in 12" or a little less.  You'll be poling or drifting since you need more for the Trolling Motor as already noted.

Lot's of variables in determining depth needed to run or a hole shot.  I don't have a jackplate, so with just me and one well full I can get up out of 24"-30" as also noted.  If I've got both wells flooded and a partner, I would probably wait for 36" or at least get going at a fast idle first.


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