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difference in draft and offshore stability of the 2500 and the 2400 TRS


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I have narrowed my search down to the 2500 hybrid and the 2400 TRS.  I do a good bit of inshore and nearshore fishing in the Carolinas.  My wife and I are hoping to have a vacation home in 4-5 years in Florida and this purchase would probably end up down there.  From what I have seen both of these boats are great for what I would use them for in Florida.

In the meantime for use in the Carolinas is there a noticeable difference in the ride of the TRS and the hybrid nearshore?  Leaning towards the 2400 TRS at this point.

To confuse matters more I already have a skiff for backwater fishing and a 28' CC that I'll take anywhere over 20 miles out. Any thoughts are welcome.

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