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I have one, and love it. the GPS system works great, it is the 36v system and holds the Pathfinder in a heavy current and wind on the spot.. It is quiet and easy to deploy.. 

I don't have experience with the other brands, but I assume they work similarly. 

I  love that I can drive to the factory if I want. Made IN FLA

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Installed mine when I got the boat in August. So far I love it. It does what it's told to do and the "anchor" feature is truly the bomb!! Being able to jog 5 ft in any direction while in anchor mode is also a great thing. I can really creep along and work every corner of a ledge or artificial reef offshore. I am using wet cell interstate batteries from Costco and after a full day of anchor-mode they have yet to be drawn down below 60% (as read on the charging system of the boat). Perfectly happy that I bought my Rhodan. I do wish I had gone with the 6' shaft for the bumpy days in the gulf though. I've gotten spoiled not having to use a real anchor. 

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i have had one for about 5 years it doesnt get too much use over the year.  The motor runs and turns very quietly.  The GPS is very accurate.  The remote is very small and easier to deal with compared to others.  The plastic components on the unit are cheap and are not UV resistant at all.  After a year or so  the white plastic turns yellow.  So now I have a Yellow head unit, a white shaft and a yellow plastic cover on the deck.  They want about $100 for new ones if you don't want to paint yours white again. They had no answer as to why the plastic they use is not designed to hold up to the sun other than an offer to sell me replacements.   The plastic components on the launch mechanism are cheap and get sticky after a while requiring you to have to bang the unit off the cradle when you step on the peddle to release it to launch the motor.  To avoid that you have to spray the cradle a lot with WD 40 or something like that so it wont stick.    Sort of a pain.  I would get another if the cradle was better designed and the plastic was better designed to better hold up to the sun.  Going back to motor guide soon.

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