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cup holders

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Ok guys I need some help. Are there any cup holders out there that can go into or onto a PF console? I have the tray/cup holder with suction cups, but it won't stay in one place. Right now, I'm considering cutting holes and installing them on the top, but I'm a little apprehensive....

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Nag Juice

Mine were on top of the console, but this space was to valuable for drinks and I did not want them to spill all over the console. So I moved them lower on the console to use space that I was not using and if there is a spill it has a much less chance of getting into something that would result in a bigger problem.


Another option is to move them to a spot on the leaning post on the aft side. For me this was not going to work as well because most of my cup holding usage is my coffee on the ride to the first fishing spot.


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