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Power pole problem


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So I went out fishing today in Homosassa for some grouper.  Went and anchored in about 20 feet of water and caught a few....On the way back in I realized I was loosing speed but had the same rpm’s.  I turned around to look at the motor and saw that the power pole was almost all the way down! (It was up all day, never deployed).  So I stopped hit the up button, watched it go up and kept running in.a minute later i turned around to watch the power pole doing the same thing.  This time I could hear the pump running.  Hit the up button and it came up, yet soon after it tried to go back down!  I finally pulled the fuse as soon as I got it up and bungee corded it up.  I had the remote in hand and no one was by the button ....what could it be?  On a 2012 24’ trs. 2012 10’ Blade power pole

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